Warpaint and upcoming changes

Firstly I want to say that I have a great deal of respect for Funcom’s position in the development of this game, and they have finally succeeded in bringing a Conan worthy world to life. I think many people have been overly harsh about a few aspects, and that overall you are all doing a good job of gradually adding, completing, and polishing/fixing problems.

That being said: there is still a lot of work to be done. Funcom is already aware of most of the issues, so I wanted to just bring up a few.

Warpaint. Warpaint is now a glorified potion with a visual effect, and is prohibitively expensive to make to be a part of your character’s build and look. If warpaint is going to work this way, it needs to be one tenth or less as expensive as it is now, or produce a stack of 5 or 10 when created. Alternately the game describes it as a semi magic effect, so just make it last until death… That worked just fine before.
Repeat: It’s current balance makes it a luxury and removes it’s value as an achievent to make, use and wear. Don’t remove value from your system.

Secondly, Regular and Epic versions of Flawless Lemurian Warrior and Flawless Hyena are still not aligned to the others in stat boosts, further devalueing a variety of builds that are even more underpowered with the warpaint issue.

Thirdly, Thralls and Pets needing to work the same way MAKES PERFECT SENSE. If Anyone thinks otherwise I challenge you to try building a slave army, recruit a fighting force, or to have 10 or more children full time so you can see how difficult it is to build a large group you are responsible for feeding. It should be hard.
It also paves the way for the comparitive ease of Necromancy as the undead don’t eat, but you will have to sickly corrupt yourself to use them in the future.
That being said, you need to make feeding VERY forgiving or it won’t have any value with the way hard won T4 thralls already have to be hoarded and kept away from things that will instantly kill them, such as cardiac arrest, taking a walk across even ground, or proximity to obects, stairs, elevators etc.
Adding diet and feeding as a possible cause of death is VERY risky, so PLEASE just make it unlikely to cause rage inducing mistakes, supply frustration, and thrall/pet disapearances that are already such a problem and you are GOLDEN.


More like gradually making the game worse. I know I’m being negative, but if they were doing as you are saying, more than 1% of all the people who bought the game would still be playing it.

What exactly makes you say that? Why are they being silent about the core mechanics being broken? And keep pushing forward, ignoring these? Purges, Thrall AI, world mobs not reacting, server performance?

It would, if the thralls would be working in the first place…


1: I’m sure you have valid reasons for your feelings and share them with many others, I feel my own frustrations with the game as the previous patch did not specifically note the collision changes to windows that caused a number of Legendary thralls and items to be stolen from a base of mine online, not to mention the legions of other grievances most of us share. I wrote this to express a specific regard for the effort of the work being put in by the humans that care, not the corporate standards and policies that tend to be at the root of these issues, as that is a seperate topic from my intent. Lastly on this point the correlation between Funcom or its employees efforts and the number of people playing or not playing the game is not direct, though it may or may not prove relevant in the end. Van Gogh is widely considered one of the most talented and commited classical atists, but during his lifespan was rarely noticed at all, and then as an undisciplined crackpot hack in his works. This is a poor analog, but serves to point out effort and skill do not equal or even necessarily help recognition, involvement or gratitude.

2: What makes me say what I did is that they have had every opportunity to see and understand the feedback on these issues, and their fixes dance ever closer to trying to address some of them without lengthy game gutting, which seems to me to have intent… even if it appears lacking severely from the outside who knows how many restrictions are imposed on the teams trying to fix it all technically or in resources and profitability requirements. This is not an excuse, it’s simply important to seperately address designers and the moneymongers who hold the strings, as they are rarely the same people, and moneymongers don’t listen to anyone but others of their ilk and their accountants. My words, (and likely all of yours) would be wasted on them, so these words are for the people working on it, or trying to help, or who want to actually SEE the game improve, as opposed to having moved on to other things for good.

3: That’s actually exactly what I went on to say. It does make perfect sense, it’s all the other thrall issues that need to be fixed and make it touchier to add another risk at this point, even one I agree with.

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I use to use Warpaints all the time cuz it added character to my…character, and i used it as a sort of soft-vanity-slot cuz it allowed me to mix and match more variety of armors, because I favor max encumbrance.

Now that warpaints are simply impractical, I wear full desert gear, most of the time, and I hate it, because of that stupid turbin hat. I ask and ask and ask for a helmet toggle option. Even the community managers and people inside of Funcom itself ask for helmet toggle options…but nope. They have an un-ending propensity for hiding hair as obnoxiously as possible.

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