Warpaint randomly disappearing

Game mode: [Online PVE]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Anywhere in Official server #3045 - g-portal . com]

Here again with another odd PS4 bug!
So what me and my boyfriend noticed now is that when you apply warpaint (either the DLC warpaint or the ones that give you stats), it randomly disappears sometimes, including the bonus stats that it can give you. We haven’t found out what causes them to disappear or after how long exactly, but we didn’t die or anything. They just randomly disappear some times.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make warpaint (either stat bonus warpaintr or DLC warpaint)
  2. Apply warpaint
  3. Be happy with the bonus stats and cool aesthetic of it
  4. After an (what appears to be random) amount of time it disappears
  5. Cry

Warpaints have a decay timer once they are applied, I think it’s 30 minutes (real time, not game time) then it wears off. This change was made a few updates ago, and is the reason I don’t use them anymore, apart from the journey step, the cost of making them just simply isn’t worth it anymore.

Oh, for real? That’s a shame! They are pretty expensive to make. Not sure why they would implement that, but yeah I will avoid using them that often them, indeed not worth it.
Thanks for your answer :smiley:

Yeah Warpaints don’t stick around long. The more damage you take the faster the decay timer goes down which contributes to the “random.” amount of time before it vanishes they also vanish if you die.

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