Warrior Journey: Target Lock Step

I started playing on a server that has target locking disabled in the server settings and I expected this step will just autocomplete going forward with journey progress…

It turns out the step is impossible (obviously, since you are prevented from locking targets by a server setting) and blocks the entire “Warrior” journey from being completed.

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If your server is a private server, could you request the admin to turn it on temporarily?

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This defeats the purpose. It’s not about me doing it once and being done with this challenge. It needs to be solved long-term and for everyone, not just me.

Actually, when I saw this step being a thing, I immediately thought about target lock disabled servers and how handling of this will tell us a lot about the people responsible for fixing bugs or bugs not occurring in the first place…

Yeah, I agree. It should be considered long term, but for the short term, I recommend you talk to your admin. However, you could just wait it out and hope. I wouldn’t hold my breath on it though. Funcom put it into the base game and taking it out is more akin to using mods. I know it’s not, but it’s changing the game mechanics from what they’d be in the real game. A lot of games have a lock-on feature, and the point of this was merely to show you HOW to lock on. If it’s turned off in admin settings, it would be nice to see it unlock automatically, but I wouldn’t bet my game on that happening.

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