Wars of Elysium RPvP 3x Harvest, Raid Warnings, Weekly Events!

Come join our ever growing community. We have weekly events ranging from Tournaments to Scavenger Hunts!
We have a Unique map claiming system. Come claim a region and expand outwards to take over the world!
Map wipes when ever we have a clear victor which can take 3+ months!
We often have Double Exp/Harvest Events!
Imagine storming someone’s castle and conquesting their lands from them!

Come join us, Carve yourself a spot in the world of Conan . . .

Look for our Website for rules and links to the Discord or Direct Connect to us at

  • 100% True Dedicated private server, custom installed, awesome machine, Auto backups, patching and restarts.
  • Community and server run events
  • Role-playing without unenforceable and silly restrictions. KOS is ALLOWED. Roleplayers & RP clans may rely on the War System to have a fair and fighting chance no matter if you are casual or hardcore PvP.
  • PvP with a proactively managed meta and raid times that are both challenging and survivable for those of us with real lives. Generous raid windows for CST, EST, PST timezones. Even UK / Netherlands players have good ping here and raiding hours that will work for them.
  • War System, War Declarations Channel, 1 hr warning msg in Discord for Raids, 24 hr warning msg in Discord for Conquests. Check out the Territory & War Season channels for more details on how Conquests & Territory work!
  • 3x EXP Rates, 3x Harvesting Rates to make the game more accessible to those of us with lives outside of Conan.
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