Wartorn Rhino DLC (Suggestion)

Funcom…the completionism part of me is constantly frustrated that I see the Wartorn Rhino DLC in my Knowledge tab and crafting station filters but cannot acquire it anymore since I stupidly failed to buy Isle of Siptah before it left Early Access.

Could you please consider making this DLC available for purchase in the Bazaar or earnable in the Battle Pass for those of us who took a break from Conan Exiles and have come back now that Sorcery is in the game? I’d suggest the same for the original pre-order DLC (Conan’s Atlantean Sword and Royal Armor exclusives.)

Thanks for the consideration.

This shows up on console also. Unless it’s been taken out with 3.0, haven’t taken much notice.

We didn’t get a chance at early access, yet had this icon teasing us about it. :joy:

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