Was raded by a cheaters


Hi, after last update two boys joind our clan (We not inviting them, we dont know how they get in to clan) steal all stuff, and ruin base. One of them doing same things not first time, but when he do this before he take few little things what we not remember about. I was sure it’s a journal bug.
I have 615 hours on conan and see stuff like this first time.
1311 server.
Cheater names is ManticoreXLNT and Vlad.

Main issue is how they joined a clan with out invite?

Unfortunately if you invited them into your clan, there is nothing you can do about it, It’s literally taking the doors and locks off of your house for thief’s. All I can say moving forward is next time, be careful of who you allow in your clan and only play with people you trust.

We not inviting them, we dont know how they get in to.

Hi NeverDie, and welcome to the forums.

Please read the Forum Community Guidelines before you go any further. Accusing people and naming them publicly on the forum is not allowed. If you have a legitimate complaint (with evidence to prove your accusation), contact the Community Management directly.

Could it be that they abused the change of database/usernames thingy?

Hi Welcome to Conan Exiles! You’re going to get alot of that sort of thing, exploits, bugs, etc. Lol. We all groan about it at some point.

The developers are too understaffed to manage the official servers so if you want a moderater you’ll have to join a private one. As for the bugs, well, we’ve been waiting for them to be fixed for 3 years now? 4? I lost count.

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