Was Raw Ash Nerfed?

Was getting raw ash always so hard? More than 3k obsidian barely got to 200 raw ash.

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Raw Ash was as easy as dirt some patches ago. It seems that they’ve nerfed it really :roll_eyes:

They also nerfed brimstone.

I know about brimstone, but it was still kinda ok for balance changes. Raw Ash on the otherhand is used for a lot of products like potent compost, reset potions, white dye, and tar, which I guess is a possible reason for the nerf, but I would’ve preferred if they just removed the tar crafting instead of nerfing raw ash.

I make tar via the tanner. Is there another way to make tar…hmm. But yea it was insane how much you got before. I think they nerfed it too far. But not a big deal. I have days where all I do is harvest stuff. Very boring thing to do, but something I do when I am sick…heh

I believe they keep rebalancing stuff. So maybe a suggestion in the suggestions forums may help. Never really looked in that section, but they do mention it each time I listen to their live streams. They are encouraging us to voice our opinions. They don’t respond most of the time, but they do check each post. If they see lots of peeps mentioning same suggestions over time, I bet they will look into it.

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