Was reset to 3 days back

Don’t know if this is a bug or what but I’ve been on a server for a couple weeks now and when I logged in today everything I had grinded for and farmed for is now gone. Chest of weapons gone, chest of armor and perfected padding all gone. When I logged in I didn’t even spawn in my bed I spawned at a base that I had raided 3 days ago with the same kit and weapons I wearing 3 days ago. Please help.

Here’s what’s happening: after years of never doing rollbacks when they make a mistake, they finally did a rollback.

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After 2 days of the issue.


It was intended. They messed up the thrall decay timer and people lost years of work. So yeah… it’s intentional. It’s a small price to pay for the good faith in recovering everything dedicated players lost. I lost nothing myself, but I think it’s a good move. What you’ve done can be replaced. It may not be easy, but if you did it once, you can do it again.

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That’s because they made the dumb mistake of making changes on a Friday. This should have never happened. They couldn’t rollback without authorization from a decision making head. They got the approval and did it. Sorry it didn’t affect you in the slightest until they rolled back. The previous issue effected people that had hundreds and thousands of hours worth of gameplay versus your 48 hours. Have a bit of sympathy for those who lost way more.


So basically they provide shit service, and now active players are blamed for presumably no sympathy? How do you know I don’t have any sympathy for players with 2 yr progress or such?

Maybe I’m discontent over the fact they reverted my progress while they could have handled this much earlier or found a better solution? But no “waaah you no sympathy for me and my thralls waaah”

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You lack sympathy because your response to everyone thus far has lacked any sympathy. So that’s how I know. End of story. Get over it.

When you asked FC for reset did you think of the people loosing weekend hrs that are probably unaware of your issues. Why didn’t/don’t you want a solution to keep both happy?

Muh muh sympathy card. Muh muh big morals for my 5000hrs.

You need to get off the internet for a bit, man. Your toxicity levels are on par with 4chan.

It would seem after your snarky, yet toxic reply, you had edited your post.

Yes, I feel that there should be a boosted harvest and xp for next weekend maybe. This has been mentioned by others. Unfortunately, the rollback needed to be handled first and as soon as possible. The amount of people affected by the lack of a rollback would be far greater than those losing stuff due to enacting it. Those that asked for the rollback are their loyal player base, whereas those who didn’t or just started are not. Is it good to have negatively affected one of those parties? No. However the idea was to mitigate the damage by helping the majority versus the few.

yeah okay so give everyone who suffered some crom bucks? but yknow why do that they would have to actually care about there playerbase

If you spent more than 3 minutes browsing this forum before responding, you’d be well aware we all see Funcom as damn near incompetent when it comes to QC and proper response to emergencies. None of us defend their actions. I only understand how protocols like this go. If you’re not in charge, you don’t make the tough calls. They left no one in charge over the weekend.

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why would any self respecting person want to spend more then 3 minutes browsing this hell hole

Idk… you’ve been on for 20 minutes now. You tell me.

mans never heard of internet tabs

I was just being snarky. I only know you registered that long ago. Regardless, the point is not to expect we’re defending their actions. Anyone who’s been playing this game long enough knows Funcom isn’t the greatest at QC.

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