Was the Pirate Ship Rebalanced?

It’s been a while since I started collecting thralls. The Pirate ship used to be a place to get decent taskmasters. I have not seen one over tier 2. Was it re-balanced? I can find Tier 3 of everything else. Is it just much more rare now? Or am I wasting my time looking for one?

I couldn’t say how testlive is (wasn’t sure which version you were referring to since I know you’ve been helping out with some testlive testing), but on live the spawn rates have been the same for the last few patches now (I go through them every major patch for my Tier 4 Thrall mods.)

I feel like I can think back to a time where their spawn rate was higher at vanilla rates, but I’m thinking like WAY back in the day (December of 2017). But as of late July when I first started doing the Tier 4 Thrall mods, I can’t recall a time where I saw a significant change in their spawn chance percentages for that area. It’s been pretty consistent as far as the hard numbers are concerned. Some tweaks here and there for individual spawns sure (across the whole map) and bug fixes of course.

The only place that I can really think of that has had some major changes is the Volcano area which used to have guaranteed Tier 4 Thrall spawns, but are now in line with everything else.

I stopped playing in June and came back in January. Which I should have put in the post.

It used to be I’m pretty sure the Stone Pirate ship had Tier 3 thralls almost exclusively at that time iirc. I’ve gone in now an got a Arch Priest spawn faster than anything over than tier 2… not a big deal just disappointing.

This is my live game. I wouldn’t waste my time doing anything time consuming not in the patch notes in test live :slight_smile:

Asagarth and the surrounding camps are probably the best spots at the moment for a t4 taskmaster. The den occasionally has one too

Only time i ever saw a named one on the galleon was during the thrallapalooza that happened for a few days after the mother load patch last year.

It’s plausible that Tier 3 saw some changes, I really only pay much attention to Tier 4. But hard to say for certain, can’t say I can recall any specific instance other then the Volcano of seeing some changes like that.

I took a peak at the vanilla rates, and they have 10/177 chance of spawning a Tier 3 Taskmaster at the Black Galleon. Which is about 5.6%. Comparitively, Sepemeru is the same. Heirs to the North and Dogs of the Desert is 15/182, or 8.2% for Tier 3, and Darfari Tier 3 Taskmasters are 15/180, or 8.3%.

No worries New Asagarth is my next stop for a thrall farm. I’ll just have to live with tier 2’s for a bit or luck out. On the plus side I’ve gotten everything else I could hope for.

There’s also not a lot of difference between Tier 2 and Tier 3 for most roles, Tier 2 and Tier 4 respectively are where the big gains are.

Though Taskmasters specifically may be one of the few where T3 is much better than T2. I am not actually sure - it generally doesn’t matter to me since I put thralls in the wheel and leave them for a week, so they’re done whether there’s a taskmaster or not. But then I’m PVE which allows me to get away with lazy play like that.

T2 taskmaster reduces “crafting” time by 25%. T3 “crafts” at the same rate and reduces fuel use by 25%. A T4 taskmaster reduces both by 50%.

As for Nord thralls, lately I have had more luck finding named ones at the outlying camps than in the town proper. Don’t forget to check the Wardtowers also. Friendly advice as you begin your hunt.

The July 7th patch did nerf some of the spawn rates of the black galleon. So you aren’t imagining things.

That makes sense.

I of course make things more difficult on my self as I like to have a “amozonian” kinda thing going where the only “Males” I like to have are dancers and cooks I’m not draconian about it but I like to try. If I go to the summoning place I can get female Tier 2 slave masters…

I would take a named one too I haven’t found anything higher than Tier 2. I’m not too worried since finding out Steak and Eggs is actually fairly decent food life is a bit easier. The Ship still is getting me upgrades to my thralls and that is the important part.

You want Risa the Brutal from Skelos, very rare now, or Olena the Oathmaker from westwall prison. Only seen her once.
Im sure that galleon spot is shared between a male and female named taskmaster.
Or there is a new random spawn chance at the un named exile camps. At least i think so, i think i saw a named female taskmaster get plated up for the crocodiles before i had a chance to offer her employment.

ya current thrall plan was to farm the galleon because it is very close to my base. Then drop a small or regular wheel near freya and pick her up a few times. Then grab a Greater (which works for me) at New Asgrath but I’m waiting for the patch so I know if I need more than just some foundations a wheel, Preservation box, chest and Campfire. Which is my normal single player set up.

Though I may run over and Drop a small one near the prison. Was going to wait but I wouldn’t mind getting either.

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