Was there a thrall nerf?

Was there some nerf I missed? My t4 bearer that I got from the mounds of the dead (which I literally went through hell and back to get) used to have 9900 healt and used to be a lot stronger, now his health is at a weird 640 and he does roughly the same damage I do at a lvl 49. Was there a nerf I missed or does this have anything to do with the new leveling system?

The entire thrall system changed, your old thralls are all basically useless and you will need new ones that you can train and level up.


Soooo they just said surprise and nerfed all our hard earned thralls into the ground???

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We’ve known about it for over a month, so not really a surprise.

Also you’re about to be limited on how many thralls you have

I don’t understand why they would only now implement that system. Did they say how many?

Perhaps they didn’t implemented it sooner because they could not do it sooner. Such features need a lot of work and testing and aren’t done just by snapping your fingers or asking some faery to grant your wish.
The thrall limit is 50 with 5 more added by player. That makes 55 thralls for a single / solo player (50 + 5) to 100 thralls for a full clan of 10 players (50 + 5*10). There’s a slider to modify that and a check box to have it in the game in the settings. So, those values could be changed and the thralls limit disabled on singleplayer / coop game and on private server. But the thralls limit is on with these value by default on official server.

50!?!?! Holy sh*t that’s garbage. It’s almost like they want to sabotage their own game.

You will hardly level up even 50 ))) I try to level up a couple of T4 Exiles Fighters (they level up easier they say) - but none of them is even lvl 10 yet. It’s VERY time-consuming but I like some new challenge in my SP.

You kill the wrong things :wink: Its mostly the same XP as the players gets.
https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Creature - you can sort by XP :wink:

I’m a bit low in level myself yet ) I’ve tried to level up Relic Hunter with lvl 60 char - it was a bit faster of course )

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