Water Mobs? Possibility in the future? Few suggestions

Please add some of the following, or variations of them.

Jelly Fish - Dangerous, can be used for poisons and glowing goop related materials.

Sea Turtles - Meat/hide and shields can be made from turtles

Sharks - Teeth can be used to modify weapons, or make arrows. Hide can be used for armor.

Piranha - Dangerous, Don’t swim where the water is frothy.

Giant Clams - Large Amount of meat, rare, has a valuable pearl (and other trinkets it has collected over the years) ((mini chest))

Large Fish (Grouper/Moon Fish) - Large amount of meat, hide, bones.

Whales - Beached, can be harvested for rotten meat, hide, bone, blood and random items in their gut.

Sea Urchin/Star Fish - Can be harvested, small amount of meat.

Seals/Dolphins - Curious, come to you but are non-aggressive. Convenient source of meat/immersive.


They had these on their todo list in EA.

Yes the waters should be alive :innocent:


Ooooh, I can only hope. Would be so great to have dangerous waters and some good hunting.

piranhas at jungle


Penguins in the frozen north, catfishes and electric eels.

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piranhas are already in the spawn list but have yet to be put in game for some reason. I’ve also heard rumors of sharks but they are just rumors as i myself can’t find anything.

now wants a dolphin pet

OOF! That crocodile fish thing! I would absolutely LOVE/hate this! I can already hear that iconic DU DUM…DU DUM…DU DUM jaws music in my head. No more water bases for me… XD

But seriously, this would be soooooo facking COOOOOL!!!


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