Wave, talents and artifact question

Can anyone tell me if 25 wave standard mode is intended to have same waves each game? is it same in infinite mode ? I was searching whole web and forums but couldn’t find good answer to it. Also does talents and artifacts stays after you obtained them in each new game ? Please i need this to be answered as this is bothering me too much. Thanks in advanced!

if i noticed right the waves are semi-random, they are the same in meaning of treath and difficulty scaling, but can have semirandom composition in number. exemple the first wave is always 15 men, all spearmen or all javelins. idk about the infinite waves after the 25 limit, but i read in a past patch that they edited some paramenters to have increased difficulty after the 25 wave.
the artifacts are equipped for your hero only in a game, the next game you will have to defeat again the guardians ofc.
the talents for the completed achievement stays between playthrough! they can give you a “boost” with each defeat that can finally lead you to victory!
you can disable the talent effect in the mission screen, so you will have a multiplied score for that run.

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Thank you for answering the needed questions Bretyl! really appreciate it. I didn’t count which type of them coming each wave, with number of unit it’s understandable but the type of units felt same. Also one more question, the score you gain is purely for ranking ? or there is other usage for it? It might seemed obvious but will not hurt if I ask about it.

The score si for ranking only, and for the challenge of course and it’s modified by the difficulty settings you use (sometimes extreme maps are a pain xD )
Btw regarding the waves they have similar numbers and type of unit but they change a bit. I noticed for example that some early waves can ha ve a necromancer or a scorpion , besides soldiers and the internal numeber of soldiers sometimes change (exanple one time is 20 javelin and 10 lancer, another time 20 lancers and 10 javelin) . some waves are "script ed"like the little spiders ones.
Idk about infinite waves cause i re ad that in tha mode after the 25 wave there is a “difficult” spike modifiers, so idk how the game can handle that.

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Thanks alot Bretyl!

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no problem at all :smiley:

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