Waving of hair and skirts not working


Since the beginning the waving of the hair and skirts of my character do not move.

At first what would help was lowering the graphics settings to low. Then at some point, usually staying at a spot with low activity, it would start waving again. I could then raise graphics back to ultra and it would still wave, until I changed clothes. I would then needed to repeat the process.

But nowadays that no longer works. On my character the waving does not work at all, and on Thralls, on some it waves, and on some it does not.

As I really would like the waving to work again on my character, I want to ask you if you can tell me of an eventual command that can reset the waving. Everytime I would change clothes, the waving would stop, but if I can reset the waving everytime after, that would solve everything.

I am playing on single player.

Thank you.

When you make a character, do not touch the height slider at all. If left to default, hair and cloth physics should work properly.

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Thank you very much for your tip. That solved it. Used the mirror mod to try out what you said, and it hit the spot. Again thank you very much. Let’s hope Funcom will fix the same issue with Thralls when they update them.

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