Way too buggy, how do we get a refund?

Hey there, i’m currently playing on the official oceanic pvp server 3974.

On multiple occasions now I will spend hours farming up the materials to make myself some decent weapons/armor only to lose it all after death due to an “invisible” corpse, these are occasions where I know exactly where i’ve died and i’ve returned to where my corpse is supposed to be immediately after death, I’ve logged in and out multiple times, walked away from the area and come back and there is just nothing there no matter where I point my cursor.

It’s just getting to the point now where i’m wondering what the hell the point is? Why should I waste anymore time playing this frustrating game when whatever progress I make is just taken away from me due to bugs.

This game probably shouldn’t have been released just yet and unfortunately it’s been over a week since purchasing from the retailer and they will no longer give a refund.

How do we go about sorting this out? I’ve lost my patience with this game and want that refund please.

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Best just don’t play for a while and the fix will eventually arrive. If you like the game and this bug is really the only thing making you want a refund, just wait for the fix and play something else in the meantime.

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As this is posted and flagged to the PS4 I can assume you are playing on console.

If that is the case you need to go through the PlayStation service to get a refund as Funcom has no way to handle anything bought through those outlets.

This is how it is for all games bought on consoles and all the disclaimers are present for you at time of purchase.