Waypoints for CF and CotSG Lairs


As often there is a raid without anyone knowing the exact position of the pickup stuiff I made waypoints fo the ones I found.
They might not be complete and I definitely forgot the description one in CotSG.
CotSG: https://pastebin.com/w9LLYybP
CF: https://pastebin.com/GibZ35Ux
The characters in the Waypoints mean the following:

  • V = Viage
  • AD = Al-Daraq
  • AM = Amundala
  • WS = Wandering StarCF:


  • PC = Primary Coil
  • SC = Secondary Coil
  • T = Toroid
  • Spark = Spark thingie
  • Cap = Capacitors

The T and D refer to the Top and Down areas inside the Building.


There is a addon which tracks items you need to collect for lair.