Ways of the Force - Star Wars Fans ONLY - PvE / Modded 18+ Only

-STAR WARS FANS ONLY-18+ Only- A Conan Exiles World focused around fictional star wars early era the earliest generations of force sensitives and first models of the Kyber Crystal Sabers also known as “lightsabers”- a time now far before starships but yet the ways of the Ashla have begun. We “The Ascendant” the first force sensitive users have united together to band against the savagery of the Forgotten lands, but wherever the light goes the darkside follows as it seems the first Dark Force Users have now made an Appearance as well, “Dark Legion” and “The Order”. Exiled Lands- no longer barren the lands of old are now lush with forestry as well as shrouded in darkness. Now a more civilized time approaches as factions band together to either embrace or fight the darkness that dwells around us all. THE ELARIKEN PLAGUE IS DISABLED IT WONT KILL YOU/ the game is challenging and balanced for more skill in combat. CAN HAVE 3 FOLLOWERS FOLLOW YOU WITHOUT PERK. Edit Character anytime with RA: Edit Appearance. THRALLS lvl to 300.
-PvE/ Start during the Age of Calamitous while warfare is upon everyone and everything around us, begin your journey and join 1 of the 6 factions as you quest among the darkness, learning much more magic related abilites as the early ages of the Ashla(the force) was a very potent force surrounding these lands. LEVEL up to 300 with Paragon perks after 60 help improve stats/ Plus an EEWA trait system to create a more powerful long term character as the combat scaling. Start your own Order or guild as you survive in the Forgotten lands and usher in a much needed civilized era in these dark times! I will start the player with some FORCE ABILITIES and GRANT THEM THEIR FIRST LIGHTSABER UPON REQUEST as well. (SPELLS WILL ALSO BE PROVIDED FOR AoC MAGIC AS LONG AS THE SPELLS ARE KNOWN TO THEE)…the grind for using magic can be harsh so I aim to dampen that aspect and make it more usable. Comment if interested down below or find me on Discord: Daltyr – May the Force be With You! MAP: EEWA/AoC/Forgotten Lands