We are a whole group wondering wether its worth returning or not

That depends on alot of factors so we would like to ask about the status off:

  1. Activity (Group Content)
    This includes leveling dungeons, level 80 dungeons, open world group or quest grind, Raids but most importantly queue time for groups and frequency as well as open spots.

  2. Playability (Technical Status)

Obviously on Windows 10, Server Performance, Launcher etc.

  1. Viability of f2P

We’ll be buying the Hyborian Conqueror Collection but in regards to subscription while the game isn’t maintained we decided none of us will subscribe.
(We’re also actively subscribed to other Games, ESO in particular and sometimes play Conan Exiles from time to time) and they are indeed maintained so not worth it at the moment.

Some of us will be rolling DPS classes (Myself i will play ToS) and some will play Tanks so AA Points especially for the Tanks will come slow without sub. Will they need to worry about viability in group content or should they just roll Barb and Sin if they like melee?

You say ‘whole group’, but you don’t plan on playing together? Because if you set up a static group of you and your friends none of your group questions will matter.

  1. Leveling / low level dungeons - not a lot of them are done any more, probably because there’s just not that many leveling up at any one time.

80 raids - I see group calls for the most popular one’s pretty much every time I’m online.

Open world groups / quest grinds - short of the odd individual wanting someone to power level him, no. Pretty much a solo game from 1 to 80.

  1. I’m on Win 11 and it’s very stable. There is a bug when you first load the game; you’ll get a warning box saying ‘failed to …’ do you want to connect anyway and you just hit Yes, it goes away and you log in no problem. There’s also one that shows up about 50% after you log out saying the game didn’t shut down right, do you want to send a report to Funcom. Just say no.

  2. F2p’s actually really good. You have the entire base game of lvl 1 to 80 and the only things you don’t get are the B2p area’s, but the Conq Collection will probably cover that.

As to AA’s, the daily log in bonuses will give you points and AA’s during the month. If they ever turn on the special event bonus panel you’ll get 50 AA’s just from it. I’ve got a totally F2p test character that’s amassed over 400 AA points just from the bonus panels.

Alright seems the open world and leveling group activity should be fine as 3-5 people depending on who’s online so we got that covered. I guess sometimes we can always try to fill up with 1-2 people or more from the chat. Depends on day and time.
Lets just say i’d prefer to have at least one Melee/ Hybrid while leveling past Atzel’s.

I hope Khitai Dungeons are popular enough and generally all these groups that reward relics. Can’t seem to remember mechanics much. Same goes for T4 content and Savage Coast.

Glad to hear its stable.

I can say i dont worry much about AA personally not as a Healer/DPS much and i don’t intend to play Tanks that require their main AA to even function so i think that’s good.

I don’t know really i am a bit hesitant to give them my word for AoC. None of them ever played it and when they think MMO they’re expecting what they encounter in MMOs like WoW, Guild Wars, ESO etc

This game is not worth your time or money. Consider yourself warned.

If things go to form, they’ll enjoy Tortage being fully voiced and all and then feel really let down post-Tortage.

If they play Conan Exiles than hopefully they like the whole Conan lore thing and you might want to sale AoC on that point since if they know any of Howards stories they’ll find bits and pieces all through the game.

To be honest about Conan Exiles aside from its Single Player Survival which is a one time experience and some random LAN Mode playing we haven’t found it exactly playable. That was some years ago.
Not sure why their server performance has become so bad.
Maybe its better for NA players but its horrible considering we’ve got 2022+ machines and good internet anyway and to find it today like this…
The community has done amazing work with Servers that actually have story and conquest goin on.
I got it a new via steam yesterday and tested it then uninstalled and got a refund.
I mean if they cant be bothered to fix CE then AoC is out of question obviously.

Thankfully the nostalgia is starting to wear off…
In my opinion they are better off selling the IP to creators that actually care to develop modern games in modern engines open world with excellent story as well as support and hopefully no f2p cash grabs.
I mean the movies were once the comics were once as well as the books. What remained was this last game and CE for a while.
If they’re actually trying to kill the IP they’re doing an excellent work for sure.

I don’t know if it makes much of an impact. But, me and my partner recently returned/joined into the game recently. Even started up a brand new guild! I can’t attest to every aspect of the game. But, personally I’ve had fun with it. Played everything from SWTOR, and WoW, to Guild Wars 1 and 2, and so many others.

It’s lonely, sure. Being a whole group you’d mitigate a lot of that. Finding a good guild would also help mitigate it as well. It’s stable. The F2P model really isn’t restrictive.

I think people get caught up in the whole ‘abandonware’ idea. I’m well aware that it doesn’t get big updates, or frequent fixes anymore. But I think the charm is getting to see what it still has to offer, and the unique feel of the game itself.

I think you should bring you and your group to the game. Especially considering it is free, and viable to play for free for a vast majority of the game. First because more blood only helps. And second, because it’s a unique experience regardless of nostalgia or new perspectives.

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Installed today via steam made a quick account and tried to get into it.
After 30 minutes of closing and restarting having no sound in game i decided that with Headsets that use USB and Software apps it doesn’t like Surround Sounds so you have to tick Stereo in the launcher…

Entering the game in 2023 felt like attempting to watch Television from one of those big boxes of TVs that people used back in the 80’s 90’s
The good thing about those was the fact you could just smash them and then worked again.

The controls felt so awkward and combat so clunky and i remembered why i used to hate casters because you had to sprint hop around like bugs bunny called (kiting) to fight otherwise you can just be static pop your skills and heal yourself. I did a ToS.
Then i remembered the only melee classes we like have to actually tank in raids and everyone hates DPS specs with Decrease hate gear. I am talking about Conqueror and DT because Guard doesn’t do anything in terms of damage.
Then again tanking is boring and stressfull.
Anyway i showed the gameplay to few of us and most didn’t like it much.

As for the nostalgia for the game last time i played there used to be 300 people at peak times max most of the time around 100-150 or so but in 2023? Some say its around 80+ people on Crom… lol that used to be the Ghost Town of Fury back in 2020. Even Tortage was empty.

So yeah. Its dead. RIP

Dude, just don’t install the Game ever again. Go away and play Tetris online, seems Games like that fitting better to you. You just write so much wrong things here, Year after Year…
For the rest of the peeps: We still have fun in the Game and you can still do whatever you wan’t to do in the Game. Just test it out for yourself, and avoid taking guys like this one to serious. Cheers!


Yeah, I’ve only been playing 2 years but I’m still having fun!

And Tortage is full of new characters for what that’s worth


Come join us in ESOs Battlegrounds.
If you want something more up to date though you could also join us in Chivalry 2.

It also has chicken!

If you are new to AOC, you will have years upon years of content to experience. With 80 levels in regular AOC and the equivalent of another 20 levels + from Godslayer, and all the different mini=content packs added, your group will have plenty to enjoy.

The content is amazing and still fun. Anyone who has a fun side can enjoy this game. And finding other players to enjoy it with makes it 10000x better.

AOC, TSW, DCUO, Warhammer Return of Reckoning, CoH Homecoming, STO, WOW, etc. so many great games you can play. ESO and GW2 and a few other that came later are not that special.