We called and you answered to bring you the Patch of many fixes

We asked for your help in getting this big mother of a patch out the door and you came out in arms and ready to tackle the TestServers.

Over 900 of you helped us stress-test the current TestLive Patch. It was really a sight to behold how fast the TestLive Servers filled up. You truly, honestly rock. Thank you so very much.

Which leads me to my next point: I am so incredibly happy to announce that thanks to your additional help we are able to patch this big mother of a patch to PC Live and will do so in half an hour from now.

Below few highlights while the full wall of text patch notes are available right here.


We’ve added more control for clans in the form of hierarchy options:

  • As a first step, we added a new “recruit” clan level, which is the default level after joining a clan.
  • Vaults will after the patch only be accessible by clan “members”, “officers” and “guild leaders”.
  • Recruits have to be promoted manually to a higher level in order to access vaults.

Added threat animations for several animals to improve immersion. These will activate when you get close to the monster. This is still being worked on though, and will be updated in a hotfix soon.

Added Detrimental Status effect icons above enemy target health-bars which indicates the current status effects applied by your weapon finishers like Cripple, Sunder, Bleed


  • Light Armor Journey bug is fixed! No, really, it is. Can we get a \o/
  • The Clan Menu has been redesigned.
  • Fixed a case where corpses weren’t appearing upon launching the game.
  • Fixed an issue where your dead body would sometimes be invisible, even when standing right on the death marker.
  • Dying while offline will no longer respawn you in the desert with wrong hunger/thirst values.
  • The background image on the main menu has been changed to motion graphics.
  • Durability bars are now color coded depending on the item type.
  • Fixed a problem where players could sometimes be removed from the clan between logins.
  • Human NPCs no longer get stuck after throwing one javelin/orb.
  • You can now spawn in quest items using the admin panel.
  • Garden areas in the volcano zone now apply Noxious Gas debuff.
  • Adjusting the harvest amount multiplier no longer affects how many skeleton keys you receive from bosses.
  • Fixed a bug where humanoid NPCs (including skeletons) would do more damage on you in their first attack than any other attack.
  • Shields have been adjusted and provide much more armor.
  • Much facederp removed (Unique NPC’s should no longer look as if their mother and father were brother and sister)
  • You can now mute players using the Player List.
  • Crimson Lotus Powder can now be used in the grinder.
  • Put your hands together for Irniz of the Furnace who now remembers how to make Epic Flawless Zamorian armor.

There are still a few known issues that we will address with hotfixes in the next few days.

Currently Known Issues

  • Blood stains on your character do not go away (being fixed)
  • you cannot place the small well on the ground (being fixed)
  • Khitai DLC items only display in English text
  • DLC main menu GUI widget is hidden
  • Some of the NPCs you approach will sometimes not aggro or attack you, they will attack you as soon as you attack them

Once again, thank you for coming out with such strength and thanks for being part of our community!