We dearly need a demo gun for Conan building

I heard that the S+ guy is making mods for Conan. So can we please get a demo gun for Conan? oh please please, please! we can call it a demo steek or demo spear lol. or a demo thong for those sexy roleplay servers. just shake your steek at the wall you wanna demo and you hear a rumbling sound and it all falls down. then all the ladies are like would you take a gander at the size of that guy’s steek and hear a huge sigh and much swooning. and I know many love connections have begun that way.

chants: demo gun, Demo Gun, DEMO GUN!

id like to order one demo crossbow!

There is already few demo guns. It called javelin, throwing axes and arrows. Same thing but you want it to look like a gun? Jokes

Sorry dude,
guns didn’t exist in the Hyborian Age.

if you’re the admin you can shoot “demo rays of death” using shift+del

^that + pew pew sound effect

a demo gun is used for quickly picking up wall pieces and floor pieces and work benches and returning them to your inventory like the demo gun in ark if you ever used one you would know what I mean and what I am talking about.

they did not exist back in the age of dinosaurs either but they added them to ark did they not? so what was your point again lol?

some how i can hear you pointing your finger and making that sound now lol.

Yeah, I know what they did with ARK.
This ain’t ARK.

Yeah but Ark is set on orbiting wildlife preserve satellites in the distant future, not the actual Mesozoic.

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