We have the coins so give us the traide vendors!

As the topic. But befotre all the AHHHHHH BAAAAAA DUUUU its a brutal wooorld and no freeda spam. Its good whit options. An option to do trade. In neutral citys, home bace and maybe some trade hubs.

As more optione to play the game the beater!

I thought there were some traders in one of the cities.

There are… I’m guessing he might mean thrall vendors, since loads of people apparently want those :slight_smile:

That makes more sense.

but thrall vendors… Um… Hey… I’m going to beat you unconscious, drag you to a torture wheel, break you, then I want you to buy and sell me things… That doesn’t sound like a good business model. :rofl:

On the otherhand, gaining a vendor thrall, supplying him with a steady stream of goods and him returning silver or gold would be nice.

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It would be more fun it we the players did the trading, and there is nothing stoping us?
We need player owned cities being alive no some npc hub.

I would not have mind having thralls helping me with that, like having my alchemist selling the potions i have made at that cauldron, i would just need to restock it.

But how could we fix the issue of not knowing where the vendors are? And, what could motivate me to want to get money if i do not know of anything to spend it on?

Maybe the npc hubs could rather be caravans of bearers we could seek out for information about what is being sold where and then paying them to go there and get what we want for us and bringing it back to us?

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