We need a scroll storage bookcase and portable scroll book to store all scrolls/recipes in and let them stack same ones when inside book or book cabinet

Scrolls/recipes tend to take up a lot of room, i think they should let us players craft a carry-able book for scroll storing and maybe a book case for scrolls at base, the book case and book will stack all scrolls of the same type and has its own inventory you can open dedicated to just scrolls/recipes (ps for now keep them in your dismantling bench)


Yes and other decoration stuff to to make whit them.

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Agreed I like this idea

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I’d be all for it as well.
Would be nice if we could also add some foods to the bowls/plates as well, in a similar fashion like the radium torch works (1 item slot available after clicking “use” on it).

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SPECTACULAR @HrothgarFrosthound!
I 1000% support this idea!! A bookshelf for the base that only accepts scrolls (nothing else) and has a capacity of about 200-250 is a fantastic idea. Especially if it auto sorted every scroll alphabetically so all duplicates would be together and had a search function at the top. Something that can sit next to my desk and make the office space pop. :+1: :beer:

I am not sure why a portable scroll book to carry around is necessary, as scrolls weigh practically nothing. But I don’t object to the idea, like a ‘Conan Trapper-keeper’


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It would definently save a lot of space, anything still wise should stack with duplicates imo book case or not,

Oh man that damn podium in siptah got my hopes up when i first saw it😂

if you ask me the podium should be converted over to do scroll storage, i mean who wants to write a silly note on the podium……change it to mass scroll storage lol

Or what i always wanted for us appearance wise is something similar to the scroll shelves in the recipe library’s, but not as big, say maybe the size of a wall

The scroll book to carry would help just to keep your inventory not a mess when doing long runs or farms or doing a big move from old base to a new base you don’t have to deal with a ton of scrolls all over

Honestly, I don’t care if they let us stack them, but I would love to have a functional bookcase for my base. The one they added as a Twitch drop ended up being purely decorative :frowning:


That twitch one just made me facepalm hard…… lol it’s like just make it functional or get rid of it, so many non functional things that could make storage way better if they’d allow use to use these items

-book cases
-book for storing scrolls

They need to have someone make a few of these functional in the future

It’s like who ever put iron cages in……dick move not making them functional lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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