We NEED an ingame report system

So… Show us the list that Funcom posts of known exploits that would be bannable offenses?

Without am official list, you can’t say X is an exploit. You may not like the action. It may seem cheap to you or underhanded, but unless it is clearly stated that it is an exploit, it’s not.

And here in lies the rub, it’s Funcom’s game. They are the ones who can say that foundation spamming is an exploit or that building a base in X location is am exploit, but they may not want to. They may prefer such things exist. It may be part of the challenge of this game that they want. They want us to build hard or impossible to raid bases. They may want us to claim territory ny structure spamming to make the game that much more challenging. And it could be their view that if you don’t like it, host and moderate your own server.

As for out-sourcing moderators… That does not seem like a good idea. I have seen mamy companies outsource their tech support and the support sucks. I personally would rather have a known lawless world to play in than one moderated by people hindered by a language barrier or are from some low-income area where the people are overworked, underpaid, and don’t actually care about the game, only wanting a paycheck.


I find it really funny how they can afford it is a common argument. Just because you can afford something does not mean you want to need to or ever will pay for it.
This game spent what 2 years in development all without moderating servers as a business why would you start now. Let people battle it out.

Most trolls will leave not long after a release. Others will quit too but who cares. It is their game you only paid to access the code they developed and if you did any research before you bought you would know there was no moderation. That is your failure.

It is Funcoms game to do what they like with and it’s also their money.

Here’s another point… There is a concept called emergent game play. Basically, it is using the tools and systems in a game in a manner not intended by the developers but accepted as legitimate.

An in game example… An underwater store house. We saw one on our server. It was a small 2x2 room built under water. We could find no way to attack it. But we were intrigued so we built our own. It was possible without cheats and there could be storage in it. You can’t stay there as the water does not disappear but it does give you a place to store items that seems impervious to raiding.

Is this an exploit or emergent game play? Some may argue it is an exploit. Others (like myself) view it as a unique method of problem solving. There is still some risk from drowning and it is a novel idea. But until Funcom patches it out or says no, it is part of the game and something you may encounter.


I agree with most of the things you said, and love that the game is hard and cruel, but there are list of an issues that Funcom are agreed that they shound’t be possible and everybody knows them - like entering in structures by using bedroll.

At the end the idea is to be able to fight back and this option is missing.

I’m totally agreed that rules can vercomplicate the game, but since they still have those issues with the game and they know it shouldn’t be available - rules need to come in, because now we have that:

  1. Funcom know about unintended mechanics and needs time to fix them
  2. There are some users who abuse those unintended mechanics
  3. Funcom deletes all the topics pointing those unintended mechanics, because “want to try to keep them contained. The more people that know about these things the worse the situation gets for everyone else.”
  4. Funcom also doesn’t do anything else and nobody knows when those fixes will takes in place, since some of them are known for months (more than 6).
  5. Those toxic players live a happy live since other users don’t know (because of Funcom) about those mechanics) and cannot fight them back - again because of the Funcom’s protection and inactivity.
  6. Because all of this I see more and more players to left the game not because they don’t like it, but because it’s pointless to play.

So they have to decide - to let all users know about those unintended mechanics, or to do something against those who are using them. There is no need to have bans straight away - you can inform player to not continue with this practice.

And yes - it’s their game, but I HAVE PAID IT and expect to have equal chances as other players, not to face protected group which is untouchable by losers like me.

Sorry, but I’ve spend hundred of hours in one server just to see that it’s pointless to play there, moved to another one and because of the same issue more and more people decide to leave it… so what - we gonna left with those guys who have glitched bases and we cannot touch them?

Please no police on the servers, the real world is already full of it.

Same same, somebody who speaks my language. An exploit it’s as such when the devs “patch it off” the game. Until they leave it in is a game mechanic. Beware, I hate cheaters, I consider cheating an external software that modify the game in a way to get an advantage ( for example cheat engine ).

Life’s too short to care about this sort of things - in a video game.

I think-suppose funcom are expecting you to have a real life and be patient while they fix their “released” game and until then do something else, not sure if I word it right.

Beware, I’m a GNU/Linux gamer, I bought the LICENSE to play and the stupid windblows license just to play this game, you did too, you didn’t buy the game, you bought a limited license (that you should have read) to use their game and their intellectual propriety throught a certain platform being pc, ps4, xbox. This ain’t an open source game you can really own as your own. Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s the harsh reality.

I was a looser like you back on 1 february 2017, I got wrecked from so many people for months before I started learning and become a menace for the menaces, you need to learn and train and be patients, don’t over farm, don’t over build, make friends who are maybe more passionate than you about this game and can give you good tips until funcom get their act togheter, because what I personally feel is that they themselfs didn’t know where to go with this game and went along as the comunity came to be.

Pardon my english since it’s not my native toungue and I hope you got that I mean no offence in what I wrote before.

PS: I don’t do bases in structures-mesh textures because I think is the lamest thing ever not to mention if they’ll ever fix it (ark has never manage to do it) you’ll loose all your shiet.

This issue has already officially been addressed by Funcom.


Honestly I’ve been unfairly accused for hacks and exploits by salty defeated lose-, opponents, so many times that I just believe people will mis-use the report function to the point where the GM’s will be overloaded with junk false reports, at worst someone legit would be banned.

I highly doubt the community can handle a function like this. You’d be suprised on the amount of salty elitists that pick any excuse for the reason they lost a fight, accusal of hacks and exploits is one of them.

What needs to happen is that funcom fixes these exploit issues and ups the anti hack instead. Nobody likes exploiters, best way to fix them is to fix the issues. One of them are things like underwater structures.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate cheaters and exploiters as much as any other fair player does, playing the game as it is intended, but I got no trust in the majority of the survival game communities.


In reality Conan Exiles should have never had them nor does it need them. It causes players like you who are not in the know about how these types of games work.

To fill you in, it costs Funcom anywhere from $12,000 to $20,000 per month to run those servers. They, like the players rent the hardware from Gportal. Funcom gets NO revenue from these servers. They are there as a courtesy to players who want to experience the base game in multiplayer.

The base game is:

Default Server Settings.

You don’t need a mod to play on them. You don’t need a password. You don’t need to join a discord. You don’t need to fill out an app. You can login, and do what you want.

However you do NOT benefit from anything a private server has.

So while you don’t have to deal with ‘admin abuse’ You get to deal with the wild west of a server that has NO admins. That means racism, homophobia, hate speech, and all forms of bigotry, foundation spam, exploits, hacks, cheats, ect.

To moderate these servers is more work then Funcom can physically deal with. Like the laws of physics are at play here. They have neither the revenue (it would take an extra $35-50k to hire moderators to aid in keeping all the bad stuff out.

It would take weeks or months of code time to place in MMORPG style ticket system and GM tools for them to adequately moderate a server. That’s alot of work for servers that are meant to be temporary.

Oh… that’s right. Those servers will not be up forever. Once Conan Exiles sales die down. That monthly cost will need to be mitigated. This isn’t a pay to play MMO. This isn’t a buy to play MMO with a cash shop. Its a Server to Client survival game buy to play.

They aren’t going to be able to make more money off us. We’ve spent our $20, 30, or 40 already. So even before they stop development, those servers will close. Leaving only Solo, Co-op, and Private servers as options.


It’s so obvious who here understands how gaming and servers work and who here wants to act entitled and cry like a baby.

Personally I hope all the Funcom servers go away because all they add is this kind of crappy attitude.

You have explained this very well thank you

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Yes i guess the tcket system dont realy affect other gameing system litlebit as they explaind whay they was able to implent the cosmetik DLC so easy?

Actually most games that have online functionality have moderation to some extent.

Name a developer of a survival game that does not have official servers?
Only ark n conan meet the criteria. Both have servers

So for a survival game it should be pvp based? That alone makes it a pvp game no?

Would rather go with the ‘wild west’ style Funcom are putting forth to be honest.

If someone is an exploiter, well if it is my server I kick them. If it is not my server, I go to a new one, because being attached to digital assets (even if they have cost real world time) isn’t exactly healthy. Yes, it is a set back, yes it is not fair. However the possibility for finding ‘free association’ between individuals, in general, is worth it over lost resources, for Funcom and its players, put into a nanny system which will not fix anything ultimately.

I get it, many do not want actual freedom, or very broad liberty, they would prefer comfort and ease in a structured setting. But I do believe Funcom has it right, in that the cost and consequences should be on the game’s players, not them, for community. Of course a trade off to this is insecurity, in the sense of having to move to a new server if your current one’s community implodes, or falls to griefers. But really this is a good thing. It means only strong communities, that self police, and are made of compromising individuals that wish to freely associate with each other, will survive (most likely thrive).

Its like if Crom designed an online video game, all you get are the tools he provides you with at the start, after that you are on your own to make the best of it.


A couple of ur wrong with the devs don’t make the call, its why pvp become focus, its cheap.
2nd issues on pve were indeed aproblem however the problem was adding code to pvp n was quickly resolved

Yes, you are right, PvE players, myself included, are troll bait to a degree. That degree being our reaction to PvP.

I guess GTA Online public lobbies have more or less hardened me to just not allowing my game enjoyment to be so easily put on tilt by ‘loss bias’ like many PvE players I come across as an RPer as well. And over reaction to loss is a good deal of the reason that the ‘Care Bear’ moniker sticks to players with high PvE preference. Having adapted a ‘loss is apart of virtual life to’ mentality has helped me a great deal with online gaming. More so, it has also allowed me to realize that I can ‘vote with my feet’, and cut my losses to find servers and communities better suited to me and how I enjoy playing.

As for game balance, I honestly have no idea what people mean with that anymore. I understand the vague concept of it. But it is a lot like when people say there are ‘unmet needs’ in an economy. An economy, by its nature, always has unmet needs, hence the need to economize and make choices on scarce resources with multiple uses. There will always be trade offs between PvE and PvP, and those trade offs chosen, like in an economy are most likely going to be decided by an imperfect mix of policy, and ‘market’ consequence. Trying to achieve some hoped for balanced game is as much a pipe dream as is the managed economy schemes of the last century, humans just do not work that way.

@zaphieon8h with the way you make personal attacks with people you don’t agree with. You’d never last on a private server. You BELONG on the official servers. You are just like all the rest of the riffraff racists, bigots, homophobes, cheaters, and exploiters that play there.

Be happy there. While you still can. Eventually Single-player will be your only option when those temporary servers come down. Cause no private server will have you. You should feel grateful to Funcom for providing those servers for you. You’d have no other multiplayer option available.

Probably should watch your post apparently someone feels everything in this post is in appropriate and offensive.
So they are ripid firing reports out

Some althat are directly talking about why or why not to add moderation are being flagged for off topic. So that makes a ton of sense it’s time to lock this post

Wildcard is a Indie Studio with a reporting system.

Funcom’s a Publisher with experience across 2 MMORPG’s, customer service, GM’s and it doesn’t have a Code of Conduct for Conan Exiles?

Funcom’s the first major publisher i’ve ever seen, Kickstart a project for their own IP. Seeing the shareholder briefing, in 2016 they are in serious debt.

Conan Exiles is the bandage that stops their financial hemmorage.

I believe that when they see just how Funcom’s survival hinges on Conan Exiles, they might just introduce a Code of Conduct, instead of considering Conan Exiles some sort of experiment on trial.

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I agree with alot of your points especially the fact a actually balanced game cannot really happen but that is where the choices are made as to which way to lean. In the most common case this included PVE will not be the focus mainly due to the fact it requires more rescources and effort.

I do have to respect the stance of not doing moderation because that is what the planned and to not bend on that is good but maybe not best for the game