We need more crossbows

I want cross bows to do massive damage up close. The cross bows in medieval times were like shotguns of today. Armor piercing up close death. The cross bow was easier than bows. Less strength needed. Bows required alot of strength. Cross bows short to medium range.

Bows are cyrently medium and close range, giving zero efforts kills wasn’t in dev plans, that’s why crossbow aren’t currently present in game, but was earlier

With a very slow reload crossbows could be rebalanced.

If they will make you move like overncumbered and deal damage as one spear hit without any negatives, than it will be pretty much useless, but balanced, yes

Your reload is slow and medium range does less damage. High armor pen and better damage up close. Overall less damage than bows.

Firstly: high armor penetration=more damage, you are trying to trick someone?
Secondly: crossbows never weared loaded so it must be loaded right before shot, and most of them(those one which could actually penetrate armor) required to use leg to reload also it weigh hell a lot.

They can be balanced, but you will not like how they’ll work then.

Anyway I believe that devs will reintroduce them, when they actually will handle balancing part as well as adapting to savages system

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