We need rivers and Viking style longboads! :D

I have to say I (and the rest of my team/server) love the new island. Ofcourse, it’s still early acces and there is lot of stuff to do for you guys @Funcom , but we are really looking forward for things like, caves and more story element’s/more PvE content. :slight_smile:

A really great things would be, if there were more islands and you could build a raft or viking style longboads to get to them. This would it make possible to ad some big rivers through the island(s) and you could travel around on the rivers like a viking, raiding and plundering everything that’s in your way! <3
We enjoy the more central orientated gameplay of this island, so everybody knows where he/she/div has to go if one is looking for some great PvP oder hard PvE combat and adventures. :slight_smile:

Go on with all the good work!

@Ignasi Maybe you will find your time to tell those a few of your co-workers? :slight_smile:
A Viking/Cimmerien DLC or simply update? ^^

Best regards!

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