We need shellfish to be useful

They cost more to make than the fish traps, yet fish are way more useful…

Fish can be used to make oil (best fuel), Ichor(For alchemy and such) and fish strips (not half bad a food for something that can be mass produced).

For shellfish however you can only get ichor from shrimps, lobsters fill up your belly quick but honestly is not a big advantage especially when you can eat 2 fish strips for the same effect and also have great health regen.

And dry fish/shellfish in general are just bad, real bad.

I’m suprised we don’t have any shellfish recipes among 10 special recipes, we really need some good recipes

Derketo feasts use shellfish if I recall correctly.

oh nice! thanks for telling me

Can we craft butter? Cause I’m not eating lobster without it.

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Use the cooked lobster as food for the wheel of pain.

And just the that off dryes chellfish soundes realy juky and the deadly pot of bacterias in it … ummm soo sick foodpoison maximus.

Yes all foot that can last in 10h + is best for the wheel and yes all chelfish stuff is far beater then the groul now as it is. A well human flech is a good starten for the wheel tho.

Take all your excess shellfish and use it on your wheel of pain

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