We previously made a post here about playing through the preview demo on our YouTube channel. Now we're going through the full game!

Hi folks, Nik here! Me and Anna were very happy about the support and positive feedback we got when we last posted here about our fledgling Let’s Play channel when we played through the preview demo. Well, now we’ve got the full game on our hands and are diving right in without pause! Come give us a watch if you’re one of the people who didn’t preorder and have to wait until December 4th to start playing yourself (or you could give us a watch anyway if you’re just into that kinda stuff)!

As for the content itself, well, you’re not in for any surprises in the first couple of episodes. The preview demo is the first three hours of the game and that’s already been out for a while. But on the plus side we’re more competent in what we’re doing now, so we should get through that content faster and get to the new stuff in a timely fashion!

Part 1 is here:

Hope to see you stop by on our channel!


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