We’re bringing back pve conflict servers

@Tascha When u rollin out pc servers for Russia? Only Germany see now. ty for answer

Its a start. XBOX NA OFFICIALS received 3 conflict and 2 pvp servers. All pvp are maxed out, but its a start

Well, I’m going to take the unpopular fanboy route and say that I’m glad that you guys are communicating and are working on the issues. Everything will work out, launches are often tough.


Strange decision. Reward the people who play 24/7 and ditch the people who also paid full price for the game but place much less strain on your servers. You stiffed the people who make you the most money. Weird.

Anyway, when will we have an Oceanic pve-c server? Till then I don’t have the game I paid for.

Negative steam review will remain. You chose to pull the rug out from under one group of players to benefit another. It wasn’t a mistake or an oversight.


I was on the PS4 Asian one and it seemed popular. Don’t like it changed to full pvp due to time restrictions on my end. I hope we get one back.

What we really need is AFK logouts after 15 minutes of inactivity. There are at least a dozen people camping spots on the server… AFK, just taking a spot, and so many others who would like to play.

Honestly, I can’t believe the Devs haven’t implemented this already. This should be hotfixed immediately… That or have 2-4 server resets a day to stop the campers!

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@AndyB When u rollin out pc servers for Russia? Only Germany see now. ty for answer

I believe we should have a few PC Russia Conflict servers going up before the weekend. I’ll ask the admins and see what the status is.

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Please dev Aussies and Kiwis are waiting for PVE conflict… Oceania please please please

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awesome that the PVE-C came back, appreciated. but its it possible maybe to add one server without ping restriction? im currently working ni South Africa and no official servers here, so the ping is always around 250 in other continents.

Thanks for listening & reversing the decision quickly! Now, to fix the server times…(PvE Conflict 1940 is a US server on BST) :wink:

Add more More No Ping servers

Anxiously waiting for the S.A server to open, hopping to be serverS, with an S!
Till then, we keep cleaning the new players in the ex PvE-C…d406686b-ad04-43ca-98de-f434b1198c01

I’m glad about the reversal, but I’m waiting for the return of oceanic PVE-C servers so that I can actually play…

The numbers in the oceanic PVP servers show that you could convert one or even two of them to PVE-C. And if you think this isn’t fair on the pvp crowd, just remember that you did totally disregarded us light-pvp players when you converted our servers without warning.

I woke up on Thursday with my base intact on a “no-base damage” server, and by the time I finished work you had converted it, and I had already been raided. What a waste of my time and effort.

Please fix this. Oceanic players are still waiting…

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I wouldn’t call it a reversal. I would call it acquiescing to reality. But that’s a double-edged sword because it also makes one thing exceedingly clear and worthy of all propers and professional respect. As a private server admin this is by observation a server capacity issue, and thanks to an aggressive buyback program, and some other measures, G-Portal has done its level best to accommodate the influx of new barbarians. Ever since combat rolled out, the vast majority of players are PVP, and truly TestLive itself was only PVP. So if you must blame someone, blame the bloodthirsty building smashers like me. Because all this time, Funcom has never once disrespected, or thrown shade on our server provider, and that truly is to this point commendable.

Could you please add a couple of PvE Conflict servers with no ping restriction? I have friends around the world (including australia) and we can’t play together because of the ping limitation.
Thank you,
and thank you very much for bringing back the Conflict option

The biggest problem in the PvP servers, in my point of view, are the 24/7 players. They will wipe the new players from the map ASAP. And if you’re a newbie to the game, you’ll get frustrated and go to the PvE servers, or the new tipe (best ever created) PvE-C. In conclusion, in a few weeks the PvP servers will be dominated, each server with 1-2 clans (20 palyers max), and like this the PvP servers will slowly start to die. But the PvE-C is the mid therm for the PvP lovers that want to keep their base safe as in the PvE, it will always be full in the incoming future, wait and you’ll see!

Any news on a conflict server for SA sometime?

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Will they be listed under PvE servers? Want to keep my eye out for them when you start the roll out

The PvE-C will be in the PvP selection as PvP-F.

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