We really need 2 main topic categories, PC and Console

Can we get 2 main different topic categories? It no longer makes any sense to write a topic because console users have their own opinion of the game and mod users as well. If we were to keep combining console player opinion and PC mod player opinion then we will never get anything done in terms of preferences and the relief from software conflicts. There are 2 games going on here and not acknowledging this only brings frustration. The PC users have access to mods that change the gameplay entirely. Console users need to wait for updates. There is a carp load of bugs and those need to be fixed. In this time of ironing out those bugs the decent thing to do is stop mixing different player insights up. This in a way is false advertising because you are giving people the idea that there is no difference via content between PC and Console?


Agreed… Such as the confusion revolving around people asking for a “Full Nudity” DLC, when at least in the version I play we already have the option for Full Nudity should we so desire it…

Or otherwise people asking for things already present in the PC version, or complaints about bugs that only affect one platform… (Actually each platform should probably get it’s own subsection of the forum.)