WE rule official PVP 1539! Come beat us if you can!

Our clan, Northmen, are absolute rulers of the official pvp 1539 server. We grow tired of our uncontested supremacy. If any of you pansies would like to drop on the server and keep us entertained, it would be a brief but welcome diversion.

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Pictures of your clan roster and map or it didn’t happen :smile:

Can we have time to build ???

I’ll just come in naked and hit the unprotected stuff

These plebs can’t take us on. We have no lives, we are always on, always building, always watching. Northmen Rules! Northmen Rules! Northmen Rules!

Jokes aside we are getting bored and need a challenge. We have three bases up in the highlands with 4 shrines each, archer thralls, and animals.

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