We should add boats

You should add boats that you can build on or something for the small rivers


Yes and also moveable boats

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So both

I don’t wanna ask for too much, but for sure a floating /anchored platform that we could build on would be great, but first and foremost I would like a few boat options. Perhaps with passive/active fishing abilities while in use. Net or Rod.

Obviously not for use everywhere, but frozen lake, the river areas, and the jungle/noob river would all LOVE it.

Patience. They haven’t even got the horses into the game yet. They may not even be 100% stable once the playerbase starts to use them.

No need to start demanding more things for them to work on until the horses are working correctly and stable on large servers.

Good idea, but, on a new map, maybe.

This map is not made for boats.
Waterfalls everywhere, all places with water are not connected to each other. Need a new map for boats.
And then I still think it’s to much copying a already existing other game, only need to put dragons after.

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I can see boats having a reasonable use in game and in a new map. This map could be many big islands separated by deep water. Therefore making boat travel very necessary

Isn’t there only one map? And they’ve said it won’t be expanded on.

That is why the NE part is off limits, it’s where most of the dungeons are placed.

Boats would be fine, eventually, but nothing overly complex. Probably nothing more than something like the felucca in Assassin’s Creed Origins. For use in the eastern part of the map where there actually is water already.

On one of the Lore stones near the Sentinels, it speaks of “Pleasure Barges” that once passed in between the Sentinels on the way to the capital. (Westward I suppose).
At least that river is open all the way to the east. Shallow spots you don’t want to get stuck on, but if piloted well can go the full distance.

“… laden with gold, silver and sacrificial flesh.”
“… The merriment stills. The supplicants tremble. Look upon our works, ye mighty, and despair”.

Mod Option. No you can’t drive them, but does the job just fine.

River Boats of the Exile Lands

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As neat as adding boats and rafts to the main game would be, I’m gonna have to echo the others saying they just wouldn’t be terribly practical on this map, on account of they’d be basically useless outside of the big river. Now a new map, on the other hand…

Funny story, I’ve actually found recipes for what seem to be pontoon foundations in the game, which sounds an awful lot to me like a floating platform of some type. You can’t actually craft them though, so either they’re something planned for the future but not fleshed out yet or an idea that was abandoned in the past for whatever reason.


i can see your point but if you live far in the east boats can be of better use then horses as there are a lot of rivers in the jungle you can go on and the land is hard to cross as it aint flat. so boats will be better in some areas and yes some wouldnot benefit from boats but it would be atleast better then all the tedious swimming if you live on an iseland or goin to one

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