We Should Talk About Corrupted Wolves

Relax mate, I’m just making a joke about the way forum discussions often go :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, yeah, hehe, that would be about right actually… :smiley:


Usually I just run away and clamber onto the nearest player building and courageously shoo it away.

Just like what my hero and role-model brave Sir Robin would do:


Once I had a base close by.
I can definitely confirm the scenario. Depending of where the combat takes you, another wolf may join the party.

The chances of finding that wolf on the Devil’s Squat, at night, are pretty high, if you usually travel through the area. I loved those encounters. They are among the few that will actually make you focus.

So I used to go there alone, just for the adrenaline. It’s almost a death wish, because it won’t be alone, so be careful if you try it.
Corrupted wolves are awesome. And you can kill them alone, but there’s little tolerance for mistakes.

I like corrupted wolves.
I especially like, when I’m sooooo lucky, 2 of them attacks me at once!

But what I don’t like? Yeah, you guessed right… NOT BEING ABLE TO STOP THE GAME IN SINGLE PLAYER (@Community please, give us the option to pause this game in offline/single player already!) to grab your phone and record it!

And I don’t like myself, becuase there is a button called PrintScreen. :man_facepalming:


On PS5 we can choose to save it after it happened, @rolee9309 .
Imagine you meet two corruped wolves. There’s a slim chance of it happening.
That will be epic. So, you fight them and when you are safe, you click the share button, choose clip, choose duration and it’s done. That’s a great feature. :blush:
Maybe on pc it’s also possible, I don’t know. If it isn’t, someone should do something about it…

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Have a shield with you with a one handed axe (heavy combo on 1h axe still staggered them a bit last time I played)
Also, I know sword of crom is popular… ever tried giving your thrall a simple one-handed mace? The AI is infinitely better with one handed maces and often times does miles better DPS in PvE because of the sheer lack of “idling around thinking”.
If the thing’s focusing your thrall, simply hit the back till it turns - it usually will, and then just block with the shield while your thrall messes it up.
At least this is how I usually fight them and it seems to work.

Against solo enemies, they shred with a mace.
If facing groups, watch out. If the server is lagging, you might get them missing a lot.
My rule usually is: maces against bosses (especially big ones), 2h swords against groups.
Give them an upgraded mace of the grey ones and watch them melt bosses! They are great with it.

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