We want Horses###


No, I just got lost in understanding your meaning.
You are suggesting that one should play single-play and install a mod so the can have mounts?


Horses and packmules. Maybe even caravans and handcarts.
And horses wouldn’t have to go exceptionally fast. A little faster, at a trot, than the player’s normal run speed, then considerably faster at a gallop, but with stamina, like the player.

Maybe even with combat capeabilities - while mounted, the ability to trample enemies, but have to watch out for pike/spear users, and palisades, as they would be devastating to horses, but less so to a player on foot.


No chance to run away or hide? Really? Do you truly think a horse will be able to climb or allow the rider to attack players in the water any easier?

Or that there wouldn’t be some kind of forceful dismount if a mounted player is hit with a heavy attack from any spear… Or are you just assuming that it’s gonna have to be super OP?

This isn’t GTA.
1.We can climb better.
2.Ranged weapontry is very limited, with most everyone rocking swords and bows.
3.Pretty sure newbies can still build sandstone walls which last I checked… Can horses climb? No, pretty sure they cannot.


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