We want to have the support beams, please just fix them, so you can't use them infinately


No, more or less without giving reproduction steps… there’s a certain build-able object that can fling you like a catapult. Build foundation -> Wall -> Diagonal -> Ceiling (repeat ad hoc) until you get up to the edge of the land claim of an enemy base.

Stand on the “flinger”, get flung in. Survive with agility perks.

If it’s not the inverted pyramid bases getting diagonals removed, it’s this “flinger” exploit. I’d rather them make the “flinger” no-collision while moving over getting rid of diagonals.


This thread is a bit obsolete. Diagonal support beams work fine. Not sure how vertical could be used without getting wonky stuff so they are decorative.


So they don’t readjust how much support they give on every server reset?? I don’t recall which patch fixed that, would you enlighten me as to which one they fixed it?? :slight_smile:


They didnt. They dont work fine.
Though… On what server are you playing Taemien? Official or private?
Maybe whatever kills certain parts is due to something running on the official servers? (During each (re)start.)



I’ve heard of Official having issues before like not being able to get Flawless Vanir? Is that actually true? That just seems weird.


They doesn’t work fine. I lost half of my treehouse in last patch because that. I have not used them anymore.


They definitely don’t work fine. Had to rebuild my slightly hanging tower times and times again. Each time I restarted the server, the stability provided by the diagonal beams was gone, hence the weaker structures would drop at 0 or below and break.


No I asked because I think Funcom lets something run each time the server starts up.
This would mean some addition “thing” (script?), making sure to delete all floating objects. (I though so before and I think it was mentioned at some point as well, someone official telling there is something added on official servers to make sure, floating stuff wont happen anymore.)
And as those support beams seem to be calculated after said “thing” kicks in, all parts relying solely on the extra stability given by said beams will break apart. In my case, its a round building and those parts which will break apart have 20 stability until serverrestart. I used a diagonal pillar to add the 100 stability to the first ceiling which usually has 80.


I’ve had wedges delete themselves when supported by diagonal beams after the server is brought up after an unexpected hard crash. They’re definitely not fine. Taemien is fake news.


I have done extensive tests with DSBs on an official server and I can say there are two things at play.

One is there is a visual attachment that makes them seem to be properly aligned with the two surfaces, yet when inspected closely you will discover the beam is not actually touching one of the surfaces. Usually the horizontal.

The other is there is a bona fide support issue at play. If an object can be supported prior to server reboot, it should not despawn or deconstruct after reboot. I have seen this so many times over the last week, in unrepeatable, somewhat random fashion. Ceiling tiles that are allowed placement by DSBs will despawn on server restart. This was present during my last testlive deep dive; if this patch corrects it I’ll update my info in a new post here. :vulcan_salute:


I’m not 100% positive, but I believe it recalculates how much stability the support beam offers upon a server reset. For example, the areas that break are always at a 40 stability when built, but then everything around them claims 20 stability after a reset. So they either recalculate how much they help, or they just lose all bonus stability.

Unfortunately, it’s never been random to me, it’s ALWAYS happened on server reset. The only way to “fix” it was to destroy the support beam and replace it. Once I do that, everything would be fine until the next reset. My server resets 4 times a day to help keep things as smooth as possible, so it would happen if I kept “fixing” it. I gave up and put pillars where I didn’t want any(thankfully they fit) so now my donut doesn’t have that issue anymore.


We had a DC last night, then the server rebooted. When we returned to base, only one ceiling tile (instead of seven) had despawned. However, five pillars supporting our Set Temple (which has moderate dependencies on DSB surfaces) despawned, removing the tiles under the Temple. As you know these can never be replaced, so we have a really Holey Place of Worship now.

This is why I will say random, as everything else seems to follow a pattern of support/marginal/no support as you say. Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many variables lately (thralls embedded in blocks preventing interaction, tents of a rather tenuous nature) that can create the appearance of randomness. So you’re right to bring it up. :smiley:


I’ve seen this one myself. If you attack it to a wall from a wedge ceiling piece, it will ‘work’, but when you look closely, they aren’t touching.


Can we get at least a confirmation here whether this is a bug or indented? I have 3000+ piece structures depending on these to work properly. It is very important to lots of builders as I, and I am sure many others, find this intolerable and will find another building game if they are working as intended.


Any updates? I don’t see anything in the test live notes that addresses this so a little concerned why there is no acknowledgment what so ever from FunComs side…


yes, don’t remove, please just fix.


Slightly off topic but you can enclose a map room without support beams or pillars. An 8x8 foundation pattern (square) allows you do it. It limits aesthetic purposes, but it is fully functional (able to walk by perimeter).


I wanted to post another thought, after building a bit last night while trying to help a fellow server member roof a 10x12 (possibly 10x14) structure with a map room in the middle. While it is possible to roof a map room with another dimension set, it is difficult for larger structures (but not excessively or game-breaking larger).

The diagonal support beams were necessary to help roof his structure. I strongly caution FunCom against removing, in their entirety, the diagonal support beams. losing the vertical support beams is a not a big deal to me. But in order to build various reasonably larger structures, without the main room being cluttered with pillars, the diagonal support beams are a necessary feature. If they provide for infinite extensions, the solution is not removal from the game. The solution is to modify whatever stability algorithm is in play to only transfer a percentage of the supporting structure’s stability. I would suggest that players should be able to build at least 4 to 5 tiles out from the base supporting structure using diagonal support beams.


Can anyone confirm the status of stability transfer of diagonal supports in the latest testlive patch? Diagonal supports have been a huge win for builders in CE.

Devs, please! Don’t remove the stability function of diagonal supports. This will ruin many many buildings! You will piss off and lose a lot of players if you do!