We will respond with a personal email as soon™ as we can

Seems FC doesn’t care about customers, do they?
I’ve been waiting for almost two weeks for a simple question to be answered by email.
How horrible can a service be…
I would lose my job if i treated a paid customer like that.

I don’t understand it either, especially the consistent ignoring everywhere^^

Its extremely frustrating. I paid for a sub on the 24th of december and have yet to be able to use it. It’s the 15th of Jan. I’ve lost little over half a month of paid sub and still no reply from them.

I would love to come back to the game but if this is a “we got your money we dont care if you can use it” scenario, I’m not going to bother

in that case i would try to get my money back

i did it. after waiting a moth for an answer i have sent another mail.
The’ll respond with a personal email as soon™ as they can.