Weapon changes needed for a multitude of weapons! (Dev response wanted.)

Hey guys so i’ve been playing on a pvp server since launch and have reached 60 on several characters (Thankfully quickly due to exploration exp.) I’ve tested multitudes of builds and weapons thanks to the use of the yellow lotus potion. So from what i can tell alot of weapons are utterly useless in their current state some completely so other only that way unless you spend every point you get into making them better and even then they still kinda suck. So without further waiting lets get down to it.

The bows,
Yeah these guys need some work i know alot of people ask for it but let me explain why. Unlike most weapons not only do you have to haul around the weapon itself but you have to haul around at least 100 arrows (200 if you want to be sure you kill just about anything your after being set arrows as they provide the best damage for them with the dot…) That makes for alot of weight. Not only that but these weapons are utterly powerless unless you heavily spec into accuracy and use the right gear. (Eye of khan and accuracy armor.) Even then you can still easily be out classed by just about any melee weapon as you can’t dodge all day and you cant shoot accurately while on the move let alone the damage is minimal compared to someone who heavy specs for melee combat. These weapons are only viable for hunting mobs and even then many times you have to clamber ontop of something to keep it at bay.

Throwing axes/javelins.
These guys have not been talked about near as much as some. So first up the biggest issue they have. They do NOT stack at all this means once you throw one you have to open your inventory de slot the greyed out weapon and slot a new one. That won’t work in any kind of combat scenario. A horde of dafari cannibals isn’t going to wait for you to re equip your weapon and neither is a player. Not only that but they do even less damage than the bow making them less effective than those. not only that the amount needed to actually do anything with them requires alot of weight itself as each weapon costs a pound as opposed to the arrows which you can carry 100 for 10 pounds. Making these weapons not even worth looking at in the slightest.

In short the only things that would currently work in a range build (As orbs are way way to heavy to do that with.) Are not even worth spending resources on when you could make something lighter that will do better!

Legendary weapons need changes too as they are just the same as
their lower level variants. Each of these weapons should bring something unique to the table that no other weapons do making combat far more interesting for those who have aquired them by any means.
What i mean by this is that they should have different animations made for them and have their own special abilities other than stat bonuses which all of them should apply. (Only a few currently apply stat bonuses making them the only worth while ones.) For example i will run through legendary weapons with changes that could be made.

Reaver axe
This weapon could be changed to have provide the attribute bonus of have fluid swings without having to have 40 points into vitality. (Meaning it would cost less to swing the little bugger around than it would normally but you wouldn’t gain any of the other things you would have from having 40 grit unless you put 40 points into it.)

Vaulting pole (Legendary pike.)
While it is called a Vaulting pole it has nothing to do with jumping. But it does give you 5 points toward agility. This weapon should live up to its name by giving you access to the extended leap perk without having to level up agility. It could also have unique strikes that were done from in the air down ward on an opponent.

Hanuman’s Gada
This weapon makes me shake my head currently just looking at it! It weights 50 pounds but there is nothing special about it nothing at all. It uses the same animation as the other hammers but it weight makes it impossible to carry around with any build that doesn’t include encumbrance and even then you need alot! This weapon alone should grant something amazing for the amount of weight you have to use up just to lug it around! Perhaps something like giving you Access to Brutal Strikes and Slice and Dice (Increasing damage of both heavy and light attacks.) The attacks alone should be something to marvel at but they aren’t your swinging around a 50 pound mace while the others weight much less. So perhaps changing the animation to slamming it into the ground and make it all aoe attacks of different sizes like mini earthquakes around the wielder. The final strike doing something similar to a mammoth or rhino’s stomp attack launching players or npc’s near the character into the air high enough to take fall damage. (Which would also make other builds viable and reduce the effectiveness of a certain armor everyone seems to want nerfed as it doesn’t protect against fall damage.

Splinter (Bow)
This weapon is already at a disadvantage and needs a buff just to be a weapon viable outside of pve. But its name it splinter so perhaps giving it the ability to fire multiple arrows of whatever you have equipped for the price of a single arrow.

The list of changes that could be made to these weapons is enourmous and something should be done with them. Other wise what reason do i have to change from my dragon bone gear that is much easier to repair and it may not offer me ability point buffs but i can sure compensate with potions… I wan’t to know if the devs ever plan to do anything with this stuff and if the rest of the community feels these weapons really aren’t unique.

I agree entirely - I think that if these suggestions were also applied to the various armours it would allow for much more variety in char build and fighting encounters. There is so much potential with the massive amounts of religious, faction, legendary, where combining specific bonuses and effects could be much more of a thing ingame but its all just very much the same thing in a different skin at the moment

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