Weapon glitch happening now.. come see at 1122

weapon 4th combo glitch happening now at 1122, raiders use glitch!!! trying to defence!! im glitching too!

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You’re not able to report the players (unless, if Shadoza is right, you ask one of the moderators very politely in a private message, for example with Ignasis - this I haven’t heard before, so I can’t confirm it)

You may report the exploit itself. Please document it as detailed as possible and send it through the report form, which may be found here: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Useful_links#issues

exploit reported many times, i reported how its performed too with dm to Jens, and can be found at web…
i used the glitch after seeing that they are using it, and just to defend myself and my stuff and my played and farmed hours… im sure i have videos on youtube as glitcher :slight_smile: but there is nothing left for me to save my stuff than making the glitch to defend… i hope this is fixed asap…

Exploiting to defend yourself is not a legitimate option. If you keep using it and they don’t stop, why would you use it? It’s not going to keep them from exploiting the game.

Try taking a short break or choose a trustworthy, dedicated server. Try out one with some mods if you like, I’d recommend it.

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