Weapon Oil Glitch

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So with the new weapon oils that can be glitched to be stacked multiple times on a weapon. I understand that the issue has been fixed on PC and is slated to be fixed on PS4. My question is this. What will the fix do to all the modded weapons that are already glitched? Will they remain in games as overpowered weapons? If this is the case I can see that their might have to be a server wipe for private servers to restore fairness. The existence of these weapons have made the game so overpowered for those that can get the glitch to work for them and has removed all the fun out of PVP.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @xXJarlaxleXx, we’re aware of the issue and it has already been fixed in the upcoming hotfix that should be coming out on the 13th.

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Will the glitched weapons remain or will they revert back to unmodded weapons


Great question. But to my understanding, the timer still ticks down, so it should eventually wear off, and then it will business as usual. I don’t see them nuking the weapons of everybody just for this. They didn’t nuke the billions in steel and other cheesed items from the dismantle bench fiasco. This is kind of the same thing, as it was really not cheating, but cheesing a broken mechanic.

There should be no wipe for the weapons as the effect should eventually wear off.


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