Weapon Quick Change Slot For Thrall

Having to manually put a truncheon in my thralls hand when you suddenly discover a thrall you want to go on the wheel is a real pain. Countless times I’ve lost them because my thrall keeps swinging away. It would be really nice if they had an alternate weapon slot that you could order them to switch to with a key or wheel menu command. Huge quality of life improvement.


My daily prayer…lol. I just put the blunt trauma weapon in their hand before I go in now, and I do the killing if they arent worth keeping. Kind of annoying when your in a high volume thrall area like New Az, but it is what it is.

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Yeah, I just did a full purge (nine waves successfully spawned - a near miracle in itself :wink: ) with my thrall only having a truncheon - it just seemed easier that way (and I still lost the darn t4 alchemist because he jumped in front of my axe while I was ‘disposing’ of an annoying archer). Meant I did most of the work, but at least there were fewer ‘accidental deaths’. Being able to ‘order’ them to switch would be great :slight_smile:

Might be a miracle with 9 waves but it will eventually turn into a nightmare. The other day we wanted to raid but our fob was purged so we defended it. 6 of us with thralls killing a lemurian scout purge in a 6x6. About 30 seconds to finish a wave. We got like 30 waves. Been busy for 45 minutes until the purge stopped because of the timer. According to the wiki, that purge should only have 3 waves.

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Ok, yeah, that’s very weird. As far as I understood purges are supposed to stop when they’ve had their ‘waves’. That said, I did get a ‘trickle’ of a couple of extra guys that showed up after the ‘purge defeated’ announcement - two guys, then two more a minute or two later - think I was on a half-hour timer, so maybe they stopped because of timer as well. Sounds like a new purge glitch - maybe somehow re-spawning the first wave over and over? At least, the guys I got seemed like they’d fit most with the first wave, no new t4s or anything. I was just so pleased to finally get a purge that didn’t despawn, stop part way through, teleport into my base, spawn on an unconnected island etc that I didn’t really worry about a couple of stragglers showing up. I can imagine if you’d gone through the purge much faster, with a longer timer, that could turn into a bit of a PITA…

Not helpful for those not running mods but Testerle just added a new function to his Better Thralls mod that allows the thralls to carry 2 weapons and switch between the 2 depending on what the player uses. It is a toggle so if you don’t like it, you can opt out. Obviously, not ideal for every situation but quite helpful I must say, especially when combined with the vanilla commands & stances.

His mod also has a feature that allows players to attach thralls to their horses and followers, essentially allowing you to drag 3 thralls at a time which is awesome. Again, not perfect for every situation but as someone playing on Siptah, I am loving it.

A shoutout to Testerle for all the amazing mods he offers!


Darn, another reason to use Better Thralls :slight_smile: (I’m trying so hard to resist using it in the current playthrough, because I know I’ll be tempted by all the other features (like multiple followers) and I want to go more ‘pure’ this time - it’s just such a great mod, with so many cool features, it’s hard to resist :slight_smile: ) (I’m also really missing ThrallSideKick’s ‘send home’ facility - so much more convenient than having to put my horse and follower back in their spot each time I get home - but I know I’ll just wind up using it to level up archers without having to work at it if I let myself run the mod…) (Still, probably AoC next time - perfect excuse to go back to using both mods :slight_smile: )

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve been very hesitant to add mods because of all the updates and the subsequent issues. Maybe when things get stabilized.

I played with Better Thralls with 0 additional followers for quite a while (it is a setting for those not familiar with the mod). However, I decided to add 1 extra follower because I want to be able to test “bug” reports which is hard if I am not using the feature. I am not always using the extra follower, most of the times I don’t really need it. Occasionally using it when farming the storm alone.

I fully understand how you feel about ThrallSideKick. I loved the mod but I abused it a looooot so decided to not run it on Siptah to avoid the temptation. I felt like cheating every time using its features :rofl:

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Understandable, I only use very few QoL mods and I know their mod authors are actively supporting them, at least for now. I hardly have any downtime on big updates but I am fully aware of the risks associated with running mods which I accept.

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We kept getting new waves with all kinds of ourge T4s. I think we had basically everything. Smelter, Tanner, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Derketo Archpriest, Cook, Taskmaster and more. Killed all :pensive:

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