Weapon Rebalance Possibly?

Loving the combat in this game, been playing since early access on Xbox One, but there are a couple problems with it. There is a clan in a server I’m playing in that everyone uses the same exact gear set and it’s becoming annoying trying to deal with them. They run around with shields and axes and just spam the first heavy attack so they get a lunge, hyper armor, and a fast attack with no penalties. There is no good way to counter them because mauls and greatswords are too slow to break through their shields and all the other fast weapons just bounce off.

One thing that might help is nerfing shields so weapons don’t bounce off of them and instead drain stamina from both attacker and defender (with more stamina drain on the attacker). Also making stamina drain slower, or not at all, if someone has a shield up.

Side note: I think there should be more of a penalty for making your character exhausted, running out of stamina. A character shouldn’t be able to walk with stamina depleted. What I mean is making a character act as if they are over encumbered so running out of stamina in a fight, or fleeing, has more penalties.

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spear seems a bit OP

I don’t see anyone in pvp using spears. I haven’t used them all that much, but if a shield is involved spears are useless right now; at least that is what my friend said.