Weapon Type in 3.0?

Has anyone found a listing for how weapons are affected by attributes?
Like swords, the blacksmith bench will show how much damage it does, but not if its affected by the strength or agility attribute. Same for all weapons.

Anyone know which type of weapons are agility weapons and which type of weapons are strength weapons in the game? (I know what I would think, but that doesn’t always seem to match game designers’ thoughts)

EDIT: Okay, for some reason the type of weapon is now showing up. It wasn’t before, but it is now. So I don’t know what happened before, but I’ll try to keep an eye out to see it that was just a temporary glitch or if there’s a bug that needs fixing.

2nd EDIT: The type of weapon does not show up on the recipes, but does show up when you have the actual weapon. So, if you put attribute points in strength, you’ll have to “memorize” which weapons to craft that actually use that attribute.

FEEDBACK: a good Quality of Life improvement in the future would be to add this information to the recipes so people won’t have to look it up on a third party website which weapons are affected by which attribute.

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