Weapon Visual Bug

Description: whenever I play with a Herald of Xolti and transform, there is a high chance that my weapon will be visually duplicated. This can stack up to more than five weapons, and it is sometimes hard to tell whether you have unsheathed your sword or not.

When it started to occur: after the baldness was fixed for characters.

How often: all of the time after transformation and (or) character death owing to the height difference of the transformed character and the non-transformed one.

How it is fixed: zoning or relogging, which is hard to do during raids or long group runs sometimes.

How it should be fixed: patching?

Modifications used: Stonerune UI

Other occurrences of the bug: possibly on any character that has used Path of the Enlightened.

I had a stack of 14 swords on my HoX :yum:

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They say it has already been fixed, thats how much FC knows about what they are themselves doing…

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Then, they just forgot one component of software development: testing.

It’s not bug! They just added visual effect for weapon damage multiplier

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I suppose the team forced redrawing all of the non-vanity gear each time a certain event triggers. These events include most zoning events (except for porting to minigames) and transformations. What they needed was rewriting code, of course. Further “fixes” will only make the situation worse as more factors come into effect. For example, they may force visual weapon switching to none and then back; but that will result in characters losing weapons in their hands (just as we have that bug with talismans

Unrelated: I have a visual bug in the forums. Neither my cursor nor highliting is visible.

My patience is over. I have the same bug on my HoX and this very interupt my gameplay, while fighting, swapping weapons, transforming. I don’t know when i switch to my Ibis when i need some more protection - in PvE and also in PvP - because i don’t see exactly weapon model because i have two weapons or more in same hand, and also sometimes i have third sword on my back. I have to OPEN INVENTORY while fighting to check which one weapon i have. This is not pleasant to open every time inventory, and sometimes getting 1/2 s freeze.

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Yeah, my problem exactly. I have Ibis, crossbow, T4, and T5 weapons. The worst combination is T4/5+Ibis with this bug.

This is STILL a problem. Please fix.

Well, they never really did anything since then so no wonder its not fixed.

In that case i wonder how much the multiplier is here…:laughing:



For some reason i didn’t had this bug on my 2 hoxes since a few months. I use vanity weapons on both, (in the vanity slot ofc), hyrkanian sword on the one and unconquered on the other, maybe this helps.

What about body tattoo bug ? After each transformation body tattoo goes low resolution - still not fixed.

lol that looks amazing! Never thought that bug could go so crazy, my HoX had like 5 swords but that right there is just crazy!
Does this give you the Emperor’s “Blade Dance” ability if you spin around like that? :smile: