Weapong upgrade tools and armor kits

Funcom, please, fix weapon upgrade kits.

There is no reason to use anything except the Master Fiting kit (or how is it called, that add DMG and AP?)
Pure DMG kits is much worse than pure AP or DMG+AP in PvE and PvP
Stamina saving kits has no reason to use anywhere or on any weapon (It even will not save 1 stamina per swing…)
Possible solution is increase DMG bonuses for pure dmg kits, or combine DMG+stamina reduction in 1 item and buff it. It should be reasonable to use something else, except Master kit, to make more variables in fight.

Aswell with the armor, part “that increase flexebility” is totally useless. Please, attach it to the Agility, may be some how, to make it have any real usable effect.

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