Weapons AP BUGs

It was nerfed the World Breaker and the annihilator. But who added AP to them still has them with 115 AP.

That, in my opinion, is something serious.
Imagine a new player who did not have access to 100% PA weapons before NERF.
He will have a devastating disadvantage compared to who has the bugged weapon.

This bug really hits all two-handed swords.
Two-handed swords have improved their AP. However, those who added PA to a sword before improvement did not receive the sum.

I believe the team is already aware of this … I believe it has been known to everyone for a long time …
But I would like some information. Will this be corrected?

Honestly i don’t think they’ll do anything about it. This things r not retroactivefor sum weird reason, there’s people that have the SoC with 120+ damage to this day

And that is really unfortunate. If it isn’t ok for new swords to have 120, then there certainly should not be any old swords with 120. To me, this sounds like they could not think of an easy way to make it work, so they just left it, regardless of being wrong to do.

NEVER have legacy unobtainable advantages in a game. It is how you upset all the new players, knowing they can never have something equally powerful.

Just add some decay timer to them and remove any repairability (I made a word). That gives them some period of time to enjoy the last of that legacy weapon. Put it to good use, hunting for a replacement.


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