Weavers hallow killing anyone else

Everything time I try to go through it kills saying died by falling through the world lost gear an harvest not cool

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Since I read about this problems I don’t go into the caves anymore. Once I was in front of the spider cave and my pet run into it and kill a spider.
After that it don’t come out just stand on the cave walls. I have to put it manually on the river outside and say again follow. Else it seems to be scared leaving the cave… So no cave visits until they fix it.

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This should be fixed next update from what I read.

That’s awesome but what about my gear and and all the gold I gathered to by a couple alchemist.

Sorry, Nothing to do… You lose it becouse of this bug and will never get it back. Like all my stuff I lose becouse of the loadingalscreen issue on pvec… Be happy you only lose your gear

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