Wedge Floor/Roof Block Stability Adjustment

Suggestion: Reduce Wedge block (non-foundation) stability cost to 10 from 20

Currently, wedge blocks are ideal for creating ‘round’ structures, useful from both a design aesthetic, as well as practical designs. It, however, takes three wedges to fill each gap created in a rounded structures, costing 40 stability instead of the 20 of their square neighbors, and that ends up creating substantial differences in structural integrity around the perimeter. After a mere 2 rings from the last support, these discrepancies add up.

A treehouse, for instance, with 3 rings of flooring from the trunk, will be unable to complete a ceiling. While walls on edge aligned with the central foundation have 40 stability, the twelve unaligned wall sections only have 20, making a roof impossible to complete on six sides. Attempting to ‘shore up’ with supports doesn’t work since they glitch on server/single player load, destroying anything built using their added stability.

Reducing the structural cost of wedges to 10 makes the structural integrity consistent in rounded structures, allowing a complete a snug 3-ring structure to operate without further foundation support