Wedge pieces eat too much structural integrity


The cost of square pieces is 20 durability, but wedge pieces are smaller and it takes roughly 2 wedge pieces to cover 1 square area.

Wedge pieces also cost 20.

They should cost 10 durability instead.

Otherwise you get designs that are cool to look at but if they have too many wedge foundations, you literally cannot connect the roof in a very small area without putting a pillar between sometimes as small an area as 3 floor tiles which makes it awkward to move around below.

And illogical. The same design would not run into problems had you been using square tiles instead.

I really don’t want to sacrifice design just to build with squares because of the unfair durability costs of wedge pieces. Square interiors are boring, but wedges limit your floor area greatly because of the crazy durability costs.

Please address this. It’s very, very, noticeable that they consume way too much structural integrity.

Wedge pieces fan out and you need more of them to cover the same area as a square tile. They should cost between half and a third less structural integrity relative to square tiles.

Please consider that a lot of us buy tile packs to play around with building fun and creative looking interiors. Let us be able to use wedge pieces without crashing the structural integrity budget.


PS. Nice expansion, the flotsam tile set is SUPER COOL. :slight_smile: I love it.


Hold up, I’m not able to play today since I got work, but I didn’t think to check the stability costs. But did they reduce everything by half? Ceilings and wedges used to cost 20.

its still 20 for me (currently playing on IoS map but i dont think there are differences between the maps)

Yes, my bad. It’s 20 for every piece, not 10.

I’m too used to staring at pieces that are around 10 stability after all the juggling I usually have to do because wedges mess up the flow of the structure so much.

I’m editing the main topic to accurately say 20 per square tiles and wedges.

And going by those numbers, wedge pieces should cost 10.

The density of the wedge pieces just burns through structural integrity. Because of that greater density, they cannot be the same cost as their square counterparts, which extend without that daisy wheel overlap.

Ok now we’re on the same page. I just got home since my last post.

I could probably go with 10 or 15. They are 43% of the area of a square after all. So it should be a bit less.

I guess, stability has more to do with distances than area, but you are still right. Building a bridge with wedges needs twice the amount of pieces as squares, if you want to span the same distance. This would be a nice change. For the wedges!


I have been suggesting this for over 2 years now.

Two wedges put together make a paralleligram with sides the same lengths as squares.
Effectively tilting the square to one side to give it 2 60deg and 2 120deg angles as opposed to 4 90deg angles.

It takes 2 wedges to cover the same area, so they should cost half the stability.

I know there is a mod out there that does this, Exiled Lands Improved, i think.
But it should be part of the base game.

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