Wedged and 3-way intersection roofs?

I absolutely love building in this game, but when it comes to roofs I sometimes have a hard time.

I recently made a roofed single-tile bridge which splits in 2 by a single wedge, followed by a path of ceilings which then takes a 45 degree turn into a series of wedges.

It looks good, but I’m having 2 minor issues, which brings me to my suggestion.

When placing the shorter, 1x1 roofs there is no 3-way wedge intersection available, nor a wedged triangle (kind of like the sloped roof wedge, but shorter) to connect a zig-zag series of wedges. It would be very nice to have those pieces to further enhance roofing capabilities.

I would upload a picture, but as I am a new user I am not allowed to post images.


Been asking for this same thing for a while, also inverted stair corners, specifically, for wedges.

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