Weekend all chest unlocked for 2e anniversaire?

Will we have weekend without keys, or double xp, double shard, 25% empowerment xp, … for this birthday?
The last ones were for Christmas, I think, it would be nice to have that in addition right now, there are many new players who have arrived, pleaaaaaaaaaasse.


Or for help new player with a double AP/SP

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Yeah,weekly doublé exp should be a good idea,its basicly doublé level speed for players below lv50 and doublé ap&sp for players lv50.
Funcom can learn something from world of tanks for event to be honest
Like Maratón for some unique cosmetic,force ppl to online and so on.

I am still rather bewildered as to why we don’t have these types of events more often, like once a month even. I would think they would be quite popular…


I believe it was said that running these events too often would decrease the value of patron memberships.

Fair enough. What about once every six months or so? :stuck_out_tongue:

does that mean last christmas everything was unlocked? without keys, even the cache boxes?

No, caches were never free to open. Just dungeon and scenario chests.

Don’t forget Lair/MB/Regional ones :wink:

I’m saving up my patron keys for the next empowerment weekend - I would lose no sleep over being informed they were more often :stuck_out_tongue: