Weekly Challenges

Are weekly challenges tied to patron status? I’ve only recently started playing again and noticed that I don’t see the weekly challenges listed anymore. I was a patron when I last played so curious if that is the reason or is it something else?

When did you stop playing? Since I don’t remember Secret World Legends having Weekly Challenges. I do remember it being a Secret World thing.

There are no weekly challenges in SWL. The closest thing is the weekly special agent mission, and the story+elite XX New York raid cooldowns.

You use your keys every day, or you lose them, do your challenges every day or you don’t get the marks. Its one of the bad design changes from TSW.

I think NYR and weekly agent missions are “Weekly Challenges” in SWL
We used to have that in TSW, but not officially exists in SWL

Ah ok thx. I guess I was just projecting TSW onto SWL.

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