Weeks benefit to the best wiki's writer!

It’s really hard to find information about anything in game, wiki is really poor.
I have a suggestion to give some benefit, any week, to the best 2 guys who want to test, share and write in the wiki all feature of the game.
Nothing more then skin or good weapon in official server.

Good wiki helps new players to come in this awsome game :slight_smile:

Sorry @Atreyu , but I don’t think we’ll ever live up to your standards :v::kappa:

Wikis are made by the community and it could be fun for some people if it was a little more rewarding, but there’s limitations to what we/funcom could maintain. We might, if possible, discuss this in the future

Also, sorry for replying this late, I left it lying as a unwritten reply.
I suggest that if you want to meet any of the wiki editors or just want to join in, to join the fan-made discord, which the invite link may also be found for on the forums.